Plastic lining In Cake gift box has Uneven thickness?


Will someone find cake gift box lined with plastic thickness uneven phenomenon?


in fact

Gift-lined main function is to secure goods,

Make gift run in the way,

After opening the merchandise is not messy,

Maintain beautiful gift.

And in the lining material,

Thick card or use the more common PS plastic blister,

According to the shape of plastic goods,

Make firm commodity.

The plastic blister uneven thickness, often occur in the corners and the depth of the deeper parts. This is because the bulb process is a flat plastic film,

Placed on heated aluminum mold,

Then vacuumed way to make stereotypes.

Means that the thickness of the original will be pulled deep and thinning,

Especially in the corner will be thinner.

The recommendation may be rounded to deal with a corner,

The bigger and more rounded over,

Or use the draft angle surfaces have to replace the vertical plane,

Uneven thickness will improve.


Customers often question our problem of uneven thickness vacuum box,

Yu Yu plastic reassure this limitation is due to the process,

Definitely not what we cut corners.

After all, providing customers with good quality plastic products,

Business is a long way to die.