According to Wikipedia mba think tanks are described below:

Packaging is a rigid or semi-rigid container, in a regular geometric shape, and more generally as rectangular, but there are also made of angular shape or other shape, and its capacity is small, generally 10 liters with shut-off device.

What kind of it?

1 carton box:

Suitable for various printing methods. Its surface can be adapted to letterpress printing, lithography, gravure printing, photolithography can also be modified with a pattern or text, is conducive to the promotion and marketing of goods. Most of the general market are purchased ready-made line of tea packaging tea and then into their own products. Such as (Tianren or Lipton) as part of their packaging

2 Fold the plastic cartridge box:

Folding box and products can be carried out directly on the surface of offset printing silver hot stamping process, maximize product show charm, more intuitively and effectively shape the product image, enhance value-added products, packaging has become the trend of internationalization guide, fashion packaging means.

3 blister packaging, also known as vacuum forming box :()

a super hard to dismantle, take a mother's memory to use the scissors, utility knife, a demolition on the demolition of a half-hour, also accidentally cut yourself. The opposite argument is that a good seal.

After b Chai Wan large volume of garbage, trash the whole let him fill out a garbage not want to reduce the volume. The opposite argument is that the packaging is good, large capacity.

C packing speed, say the opposite is accustomed to the boss can save wages.


Dear reader read my explanation, the reckoning with the kind of box you will do?

I really recommend blister packaging, it is your best choice.