Injection molding plastic boxes:

Original target plastic with an electrically insulating material, Bakelite found since, has gone through many improvements, plastic greatly facilitate the development and progress of EHV film electronic components. Such as: electrical insulation (such as wire insulation, or electronic parts case). Vernacular is high precision products can be used with high-tech industry.

Vacuum forming plastic boxes:

Save raw materials, light weight, easy to transport, good sealing performance, comply with environmental green packaging requirements; any special products can packaging, packing without additional cushioning material; to be visible and transparent packaging products, beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and for mechanization and automation of packaging, ease of modern management, saving manpower and improve efficiency.

In addition, the product is designed for transparency of PET blister to be good, as long as the injection molding mold fee of 5%.

Plastic pack boxes plastic boxes:

Using folding box packaging, simple assembly, to their product packaging provides greatly facilitate both small batches or out of the closet. All contribute to productivity is not small. It can also offset printing silver hot stamping and processing directly on the surface to maximize the show charm of the product. Particularly suitable for the production of small batch production of packaging products.


All customers, know the difference between plastic box yet?

Do not take the injection molding of plastic boxes each time we come to blister (vacuum forming) vendor inquiry.

We really are not the same.

Thank you.