The result?

Packaging materials industry (blister packaging materials also belong to one of them) are currently among the Taichung Branch of the plan area, Central Taiwan Science Park is gradually develop and attract many high-tech personnel stationed moved, leaving the area of ​​the district population presents substantial growth. Together with the original Taichung Industrial Park, manufacturers can be found here, there are more than 4 percent by the machine tool manufacturer and its mother plant upstream of mechanical components, fabricated metal products were being stationed, succeeded in "critical mass" of Taiwan's traditional industries do the best interpretation.


On the natural environment there Taichung Port blessing, Taichung is an artificial port, the harbor has a vast development space great plasticity, coupled with convenient transportation outside the United advantages. Many early SMEs Taichung to distribute started, because of good quality and service-oriented business, consumer recognition and deep appreciation, company size growing prosperity, and even reach one-stop supply of key trade enterprise group.


Thus, the packaging industry (blister packaging materials also belong to one) in Taichung Tagaytay peak development, as the first among those who tend to adhere to plastic yuh duty, trying to specialization in a vacuum molding technology, mold making cnc tool also studies machine advanced technology in an attempt to mold manufacturing to train blister packaging, packaging materials industry development prosperous place in Taichung.


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