Common are PVC, PET, PS, PP

PLA is the latest application of the material


PVC banned in Europe,

So export to Europe packaging materials to be avoided.


PS commonly used in the packaging box lining,

   Blending with the mother may be a variety of colors.

   Cheap but quality must not be too opposed the request.

   Easy surface with oil or sand holes.

   Packaging materials customers want higher unit price textured strongly not recommended.

   Especially in the middle, because the leather that several suppliers on the quality on the way.


PET blister currently the main material, transparent planar light slip.

    Because of this bright slip characteristics, a higher rate of non-performing (made almost discovered by customers.)

    Die and easy to wear.


PP used in food-grade material, but in case of low temperature will become brittle and break.

   White words of packaged ice in the refrigerator, the collision will be broken.

   We recommend beginning with thicker leather.


PLA future star, but also for food grade.

    Internet looking for "Taiwan Cup King", generally only the manufacturers would use.

    My factory only called less than the minimum amount, even proofing no chance.

    Otherwise, I'd like to get hold of the PLA project play to see.