packing box mold making process: roughly divided into three courses:

1 ordered by the sample schedule:
Yuh Yuh plastic at this time will be based on customer-provided products or design drawings,
business discussions and exchange through the appropriate package blister type,
Delivery of mold making Master design mold, about 7 working days can play a sample for customer reference.
If you use the sand mold,
the first production of wood mold, and then turn the sand operation, made of sand mold.
One of the key technologies in wood mold and mold shrinkage shrinkage rate difference. Yuh Yuh Plastic sincerely recommend that customers must discuss clearly with the business.

ps2 If the use of alloy mold, is the use of cnc processing alloy mold.
The key in the design is to meet the post-vacuum forming process constraints,
customers please remember.

ps3 At present, mainland China has developed ceramic molds, gypsum copper mold. Costs and benefits are of considerable, it is worth everyone's attention in package industry.

2 sample to mass production time:
At this point is the proofing mode into mass production mode, the mass production of the design and the arrangement of combination concern about the late vacuum forming yield,
For this purpose of the most crucial technical vacuum forming. About 7 working days can overcome the problem of mass production yield.
3: Production schedule:
At this point the mold has been designed to complete, mass production, depending on the order size, usually 7 to 14 working days,
Only need to pay attention to is mold maintenance and repair, maintenance of good mold usually can be used for about five years.