Packaging material packaging speed: clamshell vs carton vs plastic folding box


This article to talk about packaging material packaging speed:

After measured,

ps are interested can watch yuh yuh plastic packaging speed movie.


Packaging speed is as follows:

1 double blister: about 15 seconds

2 plastic folding box: about 60 seconds

3 cartons: about 60 seconds


So blister packaging speed comparing folding boxes and cartons four times faster! Four times! Four times!


In terms of packaging man-hours, it is also four times faster!

Blister packing money saving a full 3/4 times.

Plus the hourly wage of today's Packers is up year by year.

Although the use of blister packaging needs to develop mold (mold development costs)

However, taking into account the follow-up of packaging work hours,

In the long run,

The cost savings of using blister packs are quite good.



If you consider customized or printed color,

Cartons or plastic folding boxes for the development of mold, only need to open the mold (sample version) costs,

Yuh Yuh plastic that the choice of plastic folding boxes or cartons is a better consideration.

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