The double blister design details are the first to be precise in the blister opening.

Otherwise, when the product is installed,

There will be a smile in the mouth,

Or the bulb will not close tightly.


There are many designs that can solve this situation:

1. Design the w groove or deepen the middle groove to reduce the looseness of the double bubble shell.

But the disadvantages increase the blister space, which is less beautiful.

2. Increase the design of the side card groove or button to strengthen the tightness of the double bulb opening and closing.

However, it is not possible to design too much, which will lead to the difficulty of demoulding the process.

3. It is best to design a mold with a symmetric double centered bulb.

But when the designer insists on the inexplicable product packaging design,

Will be returned to this method.

4. Reduce product weight or use high-frequency close-packed bulbs,

Can be used as a remedy,

However, in today's labor costs are high, it is not enough.


Summary: It is recommended to communicate the double blister design details from the mold design and improve the design problem from the manufacturing source. This article provides product designers with a first-line view of the practice.