This theme is divided into three parts:

First, the process limitations:

Everyone knows that the advantage of vacuum (blister) molding is

Simple mold and rapid manufacturing

(Compared with injection forming)

Therefore, the process has limitations.

1 can not have a barb, you need to design the draft angle.

2 can not be odd-shaped shaped column, vacuum forming is not good, need to design fixtures.

3 plastic leather material heating extension limit affects the bulb design.

Second, the vacuum (blister) molding machine evolution

In short, improving process limitations creates the evolution of molding machines.

1 Auxiliary drafting is simple,

Designed to blow off the mold, shake off the mold, and even the secondary mold assisted demoulding.

2 blister vacuum forming is not good,

Design the upper molding plate, the auxiliary side bead,

There is even a so-called pressure forming machine.

(Adopted by pressurizing gas, vacuum forming machine evolution)

3 plastic leather material extended heating limit,

The main design is divided into two different models that respond to the shape of the bulb.

(1) Simple shape (such as lining, card blister): zipper vacuum forming machine

Features The furnace is fixed in front of the forming zone and the process time is fast.

However, the heating is unstable during mass production, and the defective rate of the bulb is high.

(2) Shape tightness precision (folding double bubble shell): Reciprocating vacuum forming machine

Features Move the furnace and form it immediately after heating.

The heating is stable, but moving the furnace causes a long process time.

Third, innovation: desktop vacuum (blister) molding machine appeared

In recent years, 3D printing, the thunder and sculpture machine is popular and self-created,

The desktop proofing machine was launched on the fundraising platform.

What's amazing is that the level of the proofing machine is close to the level of the industrial production machine.

It is not an early use of vacuum cleaners, home oven diy-style game models.

I look forward to injecting a new vitality into the Taichung blister packaging design industry.