The principle of wirette eliminator:

Vacuum forming blister wire is a very common quality flaw.

How to eliminate the vacuum forming blister wire?

Start with the principle of vacuum forming.

The vacuum forming process can be said to be four steps: the plastic leather is heated, the vacuum is vacuumed, and the mold is cooled by the mold.

The main key points are:

1 During the heating process, the plastic leather material is softened and deformed uniformly.

2 During the vacuuming process, the softened plastic leather is uniformly stretched due to the deformation of the mold.


The first key is that as long as the heating tube of the vacuum forming machine can be uniformly heated, it is not difficult to achieve.

However, the second key is due to the ever-changing mold shape, so there is a wire eliminator.

In fact, the principle is very simple is to let the softened plastic leather material stretch and stretch evenly.

Say a little trick,

As long as we use the vacuum forming die space to arrange the combination, we can achieve the elimination of the blister wire.

Of course, if we have the help of the wire eliminator, we can be more comfortable in the vacuum forming process.


After this principle is explained, I hope that the packaging designer can better understand how to design beautiful and convenient blister packaging materials.