Rubber and plastic exhibition in Taichung yuh yuh live commentary plastic vacuum forming (plastic) features,
The following is the official government explanation draft!

Yu Yu Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in vacuum forming, help the industry product packaging design, 3D design their own graphics, mold manufacturing, vacuum forming, packaging services, plastic vacuum forming industry were deep.

Yuh yuh own vacuum molding machines and cnc machining multiple, coupled with domestic processing has reached three years of practical experience, we can provide plastic industry plastic processing services, from graphic design, open mold alloy, vacuum forming, hydraulic cutter, while Through testing equipment, so that the quality better.

Product design to help customers through professional designers 3D stereoscopic mapping, and automated cnc machining, mold development to help the industry. As a result of vacuum forming or pressure forming mold injection mold fee cost ratio of at least 70% less, the greater the volume of products relatively more expensive the cost, so that products more price competitive.

Yuyu Gong Our own mold making department, mold takes only 10 days to complete, plus mold which is made of aluminum alloy, in modifying the mold and proofing are very convenient, but there are raw materials PET, PS, PVC, PP, etc., and a variety of
Optional color and surface texture, so full of unique and beautiful packaging to meet customer requirements popular.

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